Just Drew It

Hi, I'm Drew

I'm going to assume you wandered here by accident and are delighted by the second-degree pun in the title of the site. But on the off chance I'm wrong: Welcome to Drew's Basement.

In a nutshell, I am a geek. As such, I geek on stuff. Since I get a lot of questions about a lot of things , I thought I'd start sharing more useless information because this is the Internet, the definitive spot for useless information sharing.

If you know me, it's probably related to one of the topics below. If you don't know me, pick one of these topics to socially engineer me. Bring it.


Within the last couple years I have found myself taken with the stock market, and have learned quite a bit since I threw myself in the deep end. I have a great deal more growing to do, but I am happy to share what I've learned so far in case it helps other new traders.

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Once upon a time, I was an aspiring musician. While I technically got paid to be a musician, i never fully paid a full month's bills with music, so I cannot in good conscience say "professional musician". For those of you that remember that part of my existence, I'll do my best to offer you some things of value (eventually)

Check back soon for:

  • Existing music (free)

  • New songs? (probably also free)

  • Music Mayhem (planning to resume hosting occasional streams on twitch)


I've worked in IT for almost 25 years, and in IT Security for probably 15-20 of those years.

While I can't share a ton of detail about a great deal of that, I can probably answer your questions about how the Internet works.

Along with my standard professional endeavors, I've also do marketing work, sales support, ecommerce, scripting, networking, wireless, web hosting and a bunch of other random stuff. I'm not specifically looking for side gigs, but I'm willing to entertain them.


I've turned into one of the lame adults I used to worry about in that my poor motorcycle hasn't racked up many miles in the last couple years. As much as I hate to admit it, I may end up selling it so someone can enjoy her.

Current bike: modified 2004 Yamaha FZ1


Ask me any time. You're damn right I'll share pics, videos and stories!

Entrepreneurship & Startups

I've been involved with a couple of tech startups in the Twin Cities. TransAuth is now defunct after a long, interesting journey and Music Mayhem is still going strong.
I stepped away from both because my love of the work could not overcome the imbalance of 80 hour weeks.